YEP! Coding Made Easy for Primary and Secondary Schools


The Young Empowered Programmers (YEP!) Coding Made Easy for Primary and Secondary Schools was initiated to bring Coding to Classrooms in a fun and insightful manner. The concept behind YEP!CMEPSS is to energize, encourage and empower students, in their current schools with the power to code.

Over 1000 students from various schools in Lagos and Ogun states Nigeria are currently benefiting from this initiative.

YEP! After School Coding for Kids and Teens


The Young Empowered Programmers (YEP!) After School initiative aims to bring Coding to the homes of kids and teens in a fun and immersive manner. The power-to-create is strong within every young person and our mandate at YEP! is to teach our kids and teens to begin creating through code.

YEP! Summer School Coding Camps


Summer holidays are usually times when parents deem it necessary to have their children learn and explore things beyond that which they’ve learnt in their classrooms. The YEP! Summer School Coding Camps are boot camps setup by the YEP! Team to help kids and teens learn core basic foundational programming languages at various locations in Lagos and Ogun States for kids and teens to learn to code in their summer break.

YEP! Mathematics Enhancement Programs


Creativity, Analytical thinking, Innovative thinking, effective problem solving are some of the attributes that distinguishes a computer programmer and anybody else. These are the core values we attempt to instill into students through specially designed programs/codes written for this specific purpose.